Career Snapshot

Career Snapshot is a product giving schools and organizations the ability to embed career and labor data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and ONet directly into their sites.

We worked closely with San Joaquin Delta College and Pasadena City College to develop a solution to help students understand the student to employment journey by empowering them with data to make better decisions. Snapshots create a seamless experience, displaying career data directly on your website or app.

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Career Snapshot is a product developed by us (Mackey). Learn more about Career Snapshot by clicking the button below or contact us, we’d love to talk!

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The Challenge

The only solutions that give students quick overviews of careers and key metrics related to careers are via third-party websites, and often these sites are not easy to navigate. We wanted to build a tool to allow colleges and organizations to easily embed key career metrics into their websites in a simple, digestible way that could be curated and customized based on their site structure and content management system.

Additionally, we wanted to use a reliable source for the data.


  • Key Metrics: Career Growth, Education Level, Current Employment, Salary, Hourly
  • Regional data with State and National as fallbacks
  • Embeddable on any site or application
  • Simple for a student to understand
  • Easy to build and customize groupings of careers
  • Responsive across all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Complete customization of the output: Color, fonts, branding, location, data displayed
  • Data update automatically on the site

Solution: Career Snapshot

We developed a web app allowing anyone to embed career snapshots into their website or app. Career Snapshot is currently available and we are taking pre-booking orders for up to 10 clients, learn more.

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Career Snapshot Demo

Top 10 Jobs according to the U.S. News Best Job Rankings

This is just a demo, the jobs, the colors, the look…everything can be customized.