Kayu’s products are handmade using indigenous techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Started by Jamie Lim, they eschew the mass produced and instead work with cooperatives and artisans, many of whom learned to weave and sew from their mothers. Each of their bags takes many days to make and each bears the mark of the individual artist.

We have worked with Jamie through many iterations of their website and e-commerce store, and continue to collaborate and consult with her today.  As Kayu has grown, we have proudly worked alongside them to help them expand and adapt their web presence. In their latest installment, we consulted on overall design, sales funnel/automation, and developed both the WordPress and Shopify versions of the site.

Shopify Development

Kayu uses Shopify for their POS system as well as online sales. Shopify is great at e-commerce, but it lacks as an overall content management system. We integrated WordPress (which the original store and site were built upon) with Shopify, developing a custom theme for Kayu that makes for a seamless user experience.

Kayu wanted to allow users to filter through their bags using various tags. This, in theory, would seem simple, but Shopify is unique. This provided a larger challenge than anticipated. In the end, we were able to make it work.

KSince Kayu’s bags are beautifully handcrafted, they wanted to allow the customer to get up close and personal. We developed a “zoom” effect to allow users to zoom in on the bags.

What We Did (And continue to do)

  • Consulted on design and user experience.
  • Analyzed and audited the overall sales funnel, from acquisition to purchase and implemented recommendations.
  • Developed both the WordPress and Shopify sides of the site and integrated the two so that the experience is seamless for the user.
  • Developed a custom wholesale partition of the Shopify website with member login, order sheet, and custom product display.
  • Continue to support the site and ongoing consulting.

See more, visit www.kayudesign.com.