LASportsNet is a Los Angeles company that offers “a smarter way to play competitive social sports”.  LASportsNet makes the playing experience easier so the player can focus all of their energy on having fun and making friends.

Since LASportsNet’s inception, we have helped build out and refine their brand and identity as well as provide design and front-end development to continuously improve user experience.

Creating Unique Event Logos + Maintaining Brand Identity

LASportsNet (LASN) offers a lot of different types of activities and events. LASN wanted a way to create a unique identity for each activity, while still tying back to the overall brand of LASN. We designed, and continue to design, logo marks that are within the context of the activity while using key typography and color that anchor the logos in the LASN brand.

Each mark is used throughout apparel, marketing collateral, social media and other avenues to help promote and create a sub-brand around the event and activity.

Player Profile

LASN differentiates itself from competitors by offering comprehensive stats and tracking of achievements, including Weekly MVP, League MVP and Championships. We designed a player profile and player card to make player cards easily accessible and more powerful to teams, captains, recruiters, and the players themselves.

Using a modal player card, players can easily view their stats and those of other players.

Flexible Email Templates for MailChimp

LASN uses MailChimp to communicate to its thousands of players and participants, but they were using multiple templates with various colors,  fonts, and layouts — there was no consistency across activities, events, and leagues. To strengthen the brand, create clarity in messaging and develop a smoother workflow, we created a single modular email template for LASN.

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