Oxnard College is a two-year institution of higher education in Ventura County. Founded in 1975, it serves approximately 7,000+ students. Their website includes a news area and events calendar, though the information it includes is limited to that which is entered at the district level. Because of the restricted editing capabilities of their current site, Oxnard College asked us to develop and News and Events website to help them better broadcast relevant and current information to their students, faculty,  staff, and community.

Brand and Identity

Oxnard College is looking to undergo a campus-wide rebranding in the near future. Thus we wanted to create a modern, refreshed brand for the News and Events site that was based off the college’s current branding but could also stand alone as the campus went worked to develop a new identity.


Our goal for design was to create a site that balanced the prestige of news and higher education with the fun of events and campus life. We created a sleek, minimal design that paired written content with bold photos and videos, creating a compelling visual of all that is happening at Oxnard College, while also motivating users to stay and explore the site.


We developed a fully responsive site that followed strict 508 accessibility guidelines.



Using WordPress the content management system, we built the site using modular components that could be turned on or off to give Oxnard greater control and flexibility of content.