VirtuQuartz is an engineered stone company. After working initially across Europe and Asia, they founded a new company to expand their services to the United States. VirtuQuartz looked to us to build their company (name, brand, marketing collateral, and website) and prepare them to compete in the US market for engineered stone.

Branding and Identity

We began the Branding and Identity phase by researching the engineered stone market in the US as well as learning more about the people behind the company.  Pairing their business goals and attributes with extensive research of their target audience and competitors, we created a brand that would establish them as a trusted name in the engineered stone industry in the United States.

  • Identified VirtuQuartz’s target audience and conducted market research to develop a Target Audience Profile.
  • Created the new company name VirtuQuartz as well as wrote the company story behind the name
  • Wrote a Brand Brief that outlined VirtuQuartz’s values, attributes, positioning and value proposition.
  • Created a tagline (Stone Engineered for Performance and Style)
  • Designed the visual brand — a logo, font stack, and color scheme.
  • Delivered a comprehensive Identity Brief that combined all brand aspects into one document to provide a shared understanding and focus to all initiatives.

Content Creation

Working with VirtuQuartz to understand their company, process, and product,  we developed written copy to tell their story and convey the reliability and elegance of their product.

  • Defined the voice and tone of VirtuQuartz
  • Developed copy for the website and all print collateral

Website Design and Development

The goal of the VirtuQuartz website was to introduce users to the company and their product while capturing the contact info of potential buyers. We designed a website that was simple and straightforward as well as sleek and modern, creating a space where their product would take center stage.

  • Designed a responsive website homepage and global interior page templates
  • Front-end and back-end WordPress development
  • Gravity Forms Integration

Print Collateral Design

In addition to their online efforts, VirtuQuartz would attract many potential buyers through offline marketing efforts. We designed a product catalog and brochure as well as designed other various print items needed for functional business purposes.

  • Design and content creation for trifold brochure
  • Design, content creation and photo editing for product catalog
  • Letterhead design