Young and Healthy is a Pasadena nonprofit connecting underserved children with free medical, dental and mental health care through volunteer doctors; helping families with insurance enrollment and navigation; and provides referrals to local services.  Since 1990 they have raised over $21M and helped over 25K local children in need. Young and healthy is a Pasadena institution and a shining star in the community. We were lucky enough to team up with Young and Healthy to collaborate on a new website, built from the ground up.

Content Strategy Workshop

We led Young and Healthy through a content workshop using the core model to determine their core pages (where business goals align with user goals). The content workshop brings all stakeholders to the table, focused and goal oriented. We then built a plan and strategy with Young and Healthy so they could develop the content internally and deliver us a final copy. After which we helped massage/ edit the copy for final implementation into the design.


Design and UX

After the core model workshop, we had clear goals for the website, primary audience, and primary user tasks—giving us the foundation to begin working on the design and user experience. Young and Healthy’s previous website was off-brand and did not reflect their mission nor their new brand identity. We knew they needed design elements that were flexible, templates that could adapt based on campaigns and new content, and a system that would allow them to rapidly build new elements on pages or new pages entirely while maintaining brand and identity consistency. Our approach, as with most websites, was to build a modular design system.

In addition to the modular design system, based on the findings of the core model, we knew there were three key landing pages needed:

  • Homepage — to lead clients to available services and give all visitors an overview of Young and Healthy.
  • Support — show people the various ways to support Young and Healthy, as well as the outcomes of their support.
  • Donation — simplify the donation process and make it more intuitive.

Our Impact Video

Working with Young and Healthy, we produced a video helping them portray their impact on the community.


Online Donations

Young and Healthy’s previous online donations were via PayPal buttons. We were tasked with building a solution that not only performed the backend needs (payment collection, automation of notifications and confirmations, saving to database), but also streamlined the user experience. For donations, there is a lot of data to collect and it can be quite overwhelming. We scaled the form down to display on the necessary fields and built in logic to present new fields only when needed. Additionally, we wanted to create an interface that stepped away from the traditional “checkboxes” and “select options.” We built custom input buttons that additionally helped highlight the key tasks a user needs to complete in order to submit their donation.

Modular Content Management System

We wanted to build a rich content editing experience for Young and Healthy giving them tools to create custom layouts, turn on and off campaigns, and modify/edit any piece of content throughout the site. Within WordPress and using Beaver Builder, we built a robust content editing system allowing Young and Healthy to have full control while still maintaining brand consistency.