Located in Pasadena, CA (10 minutes from Los Angeles), we are a full-service design and development agency. We create brands, design websites and develop technological solutions to engage your audience.

Our team is made up of designers, developers, writers, and strategists. Together we are expansive, each equipped with a strong and varied skill set, as well as able and willing to wear many different hats. With any given project, we morph into whatever is needed to solve a problem. We rely on this adaptability and durability to see projects to the finish line (and run across when we get there!).

We enjoy making connections that last long after our projects are delivered. We absolutely love our work and the clients we work with. Most of which we still work with to this date. We pride ourselves on client retention — helping you grow, adapt and maintain ahead of the curve.


Our purpose is to make an impact on your audience. Growth isn’t a goal, it’s an outcome.



Mackey was founded by Maxwell Rowe and Elizabeth Harrison. What started out as Max’s freelance work with just a few clients, has developed into a dynamic creative lab with 150+ clients.

The ride from there to here was wild and the space is constantly changing. But, in the midst of the crazy remains the core beliefs that started it all — think big and think critically (and then a little bigger and more critically), push boundaries to the edge but respect standards, and trust the power of process, the power of story. Oh, and laugh, it helps.

Elizabeth Harrison // Partner

Elizabeth (Liz) is a co-founder of Mackey Creative Lab.  She keeps the ship afloat. She has a keen sense for organizing and structuring mass amounts of content and information. She can punch the keys when needed and put her eye towards design when the time calls. Her tool belt includes, but is not limited to, brand strategy, information architecture, project management, WordPress implementation, business development, content strategy and the list goes on and on.

Maxwell Rowe // Partner

Maxwell’s (Max) skill set runs deep.  He can work the left side of the brain just as much as the right. He takes this unique ability to every project he works on — putting the puzzle together and finding the right solution.

Max is a co-founder of Mackey Creative Lab. If you had to put him in a box, you might give him the title of lead developer, front end guru, creative director, strategist and interactive designer. Oh, and he also is a pretty good business developer and strategist — not that we need to include everything under the kitchen sink.

Max has been punching the keys and tearing up the white board since 2008. Max loves new adventures and experiences and each new client becomes a challenge, and defeating that challenge is the most rewarding part for Max.

Outside the office, you can find him at the ice rink, taking off on the next adventure or just simply doing something — “you can never have too many hobbies.”


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