When we first met STAT+MD Urgent Care, they were a brand new business planning to open their first health care facility in Park City, Utah. They came to us with a name and a business plan, in search of an identity. Working collaboratively with STA+MD, we led them through an extensive process of discovery to create a brand and presence that positioned them to stand out in an increasingly crowded industry.

Brand and Identity

STAT+MD’s mission was to serve the local community through superior healthcare with efficient, knowledgeable, and compassionate healthcare providers. Pairing their business goals and attributes with extensive research of target audience and competitors, we created a brand that was both authentic to their mission and compelling to their audience.

  • Identified STAT+MD’s target audience and conducted market research to develop a Target Audience Profile.
  • Wrote a Brand Brief that outlined STAT+MD’s values, attributes, positioning and value proposition.
  • Created a tagline
  • Designed the visual brand — a logo, font stack, and color scheme.
  • Delivered a comprehensive Identity Brief that combined all brand aspects into one document to provide a shared understanding and focus to all initiatives.

User Experience

Using the Core Model strategy as our basis, we researched users’ top objectives when visiting an urgent care’s website and compared that to STAT+MD’s business objectives. Doing so helped us identify core content pages and create user paths and a site navigation that guided both users and STAT+MD towards reaching their objectives.


Content Creation

STAT+MD were the content experts of the information the website needed to convey. Our job was to craft the facts and details they gave us into words that told their story while also communicated useful information.

  • Defined the voice and tone of STAT+MD
  • Developed copy for the website and all print collateral

Website Design and Development

STAT+MD differentiated itself by providing patients with efficient and convenient service. Our goal was to design a website that balanced design with the same efficiency and convenience that STAT+MD promised to their patients. The result was a website designed to make key information easily accessible, while also visually communicating STAT+MD’s friendliness and superior level care.

  • Designed a responsive website homepage and global interior page templates
  • Front-end and back-end WordPress development
  • Web Integration with Patient Management System
  • Custom Development of Membership signup and payments
  • Additional iteration of website design to accommodate STAT+MDs expansion to additional physical locations.

Print Collateral Design

In addition to their online efforts, STAT+MD made a huge offline marketing push, advertising at local businesses, taking out ads in various print media outlets and sending mailers to potential patients in the community. We designed the print collateral for each marketing campaign as well as designed other various print items needed for functional business purposes.

  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead, envelope, and notepad design
  • Design and content creation for general and campaign specific brochures and mailers
  • Design for various print advertisements